Wolf Applicances

Wolf Equipment is not used in many of the ultra-modern kitchens in South of Fifth; however, it is a choice that some owners are making when redesigning the residence and kitchen. Wolf is a strong company with many years, more than 80, of quality equipment for home use and restaurants alike. They started in 1934 as a pair of brothers doing repairs and rebuilding used ranges. The ranges were repurposed back to restaurants, and this is when Al and Hyman Wolf founded The Wolf Range Company.

Wolf started out offering top-of-the-line ranges, griddles and charbroilers. Still, now they offer the home cook a wide variety of choices, from the originals to built-in ovens, microwaves, ventilation systems and more. With these new products, professional craftsmanship, and design Wolf is a front runner in the premium restaurant equipment. They have superior products with exceptional service records. When you buy a Wolf product, you have purchased something that will last a lifetime.

Their built-in ovens have all the bells and whistles. They perfectly roast or cook meals and have a system where you can program the range to cook over 50 different meals. This makes it perfect for the budding chef who wants to learn but is not a professional yet. Of course, because this equipment is also designed for professional restaurant kitchen use, the Chefs of the kitchen will use the cook features or just cook their own mouthwatering meals.

Wolf has just recently partnered with another powerhouse in the premium brands of kitchen equipment, Sub Zero. Sub Zero is the industry leader in refrigeration and has designed many of the features you see in all refrigerators today, from high-end to middle to lower. Of course, they still have some tricks up their sleeves that make them one of, if not the most highly sought-after products for the discerning buyer looking to upgrade their kitchen. Cove dishwashers are also part of this group. Cove has been an industry staple for over 20 years. It is known for its quality of use and its dependability.

Wolf equipment is not hard to recognize in any kitchen. It has its red dials that shout I buy the best!! Wolf Is always looking for new ideas and will continue to be a leader in the premium restaurant equipment race. With its partnership of Sub Zero and Cove together they are poised to take a considerable chunk of the market with top-of-the-line equipment that lasts a lifetime.

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