Sub Zero Appliances

Sub Zero Appliances

Many of the ultra-luxury condominiums in South of Fifth are outfitted with Sub Zero refrigerators and in some their wine coolers as well. Sub Zero is at the top of its class and that is why the developers decided on furnishing their residences with Sub Zero appliances. You can see Sub Zero in the kitchens of Portofino Tower, Murano at Portofino, Continuum and more.

Sub Zero is the brand name that is synonymous with the best refrigerator/freezers in the world. This Wisconsin-based family-run company has for 75 years been manufacturing the best and most innovative appliances. They have even employed space-age technology to make their products the best.

Sub Zero was the first to offer counter-depth refrigerators, which means the units are flush with the existing cabinets and counter. Because it is only counter depth, it is not as deep as typical refrigerators, but to compensate, it is much wider than standard refrigerators at almost 50 inches or wider. What made this design so important was the addition of ready-made panels to match your cabinets so that the fridge can hide in plain sight.

Each Sub Zero refrigerator is either built-in or professionally installed. This ensures a custom fit. Some of the machines can weigh over 800 pounds and need the assistance of 4 delivery men/installers.

As mentioned above, Sub Zero has used some NASA, yes, the space program, technology to rid the air in the fridge of ethylene, a gas that is naturally occurring and makes foods ripen and spoil quickly. Their air purification system cleans the air in the refrigerator every 20 minutes.

Other key features that Sub Zero has pioneered are the dual compressors, one for the refrigerator and one for the freezer. Having two compressors ensures that food from the freezer will not be affected by food smells from the fridge. While this technology is now used by most of its competitors, Sub Zero was the first to think of this innovation. Their refrigerators also have vacuum sealed doors which help air from entering in and thus keeping food fresher for longer.

Sub Zero also makes high-quality wine coolers. It has been and continues to be the choice for wine aficionados around the world. They come preset at 45 degrees for white wines and 55 degrees for reds but can easily be adjusted to your tastes and preferences. Some features include dual evaporators to maintain constant humidity and magnetic door seals to lock the cold air in. UV-resistant glass stops sunlight from ruining your wine and can even be paired with your home security system to keep your priceless collection safe.

Sub Zero has been the cutting edge when it comes to refrigeration. They may be a little pricy, but with their technology and design, a reputation of excellence and long lastability SubZero refrigerators and wine coolers make the ideal choice for your new kitchen.

One side note: In 2000, Sub Zero acquired the Wolf brand of ovens and stovetops, making the company not just a refrigerator company but one that can meet and exceed all of your kitchen needs.

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