Related Group

Related Group, one of the world’s most highly regarded and respected real estate development companies, was formed in 1979 by Jorge M. Perez and Stephen M. Ross in Miami, Florida.

The firm started small building small affordable multi-family apartments in areas like Little Havana in Miami, Florida. Eventually, it branched out to develop ultra-luxury high-rise condominium properties that shaped the South East United States’ skylines and the world. South of Fifth was a slowly emerging neighborhood in South Beach, Florida, before Related Group put their stamp on it. They constructed ten beautiful luxurious towers: Apogee, Continuum, Icon South Beach, Marea, Murano Grande, Murano at Portofino, Portofino Towers, The Yacht Club at Portofino, One Ocean, and Ocean House.

They continue to develop luxury condominiums and affordable housing for sale or rent throughout the Florida area, South Eastern USA, and Internationally with properties in Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina. Related Group is broken down into three management departments and their subsidiaries. Fortune Construction, the construction management division, works directly with outstanding architects, engineers, subcontractors, and suppliers well known worldwide. Fortune uses its experience to maximize investments and construction outcomes. The knowledgeable personnel help analyze, offer recommendations, and, in some instances, assist financial backing.
The property management division, TRG Management, is a leading manager in the South Eastern United States with over 16,000 multi-family residential apartments under management. TRG forges ahead of its competition by an exceptional living environment with expertise in all areas of property management. Providing marketing, training, financial reporting, maintenance, and construction management, TRG can make sure all investments perform perfectly.

Sales and marketing are divided into two divisions.

Related Realty is in charge of all domestic properties. They provide strong brokerage, advice from professionals and public relations, and sales information shared across other projects, making faster sell-outs, more generous financial returns, and delighted purchasers. They use their years of experience and knowledge to respond to ever-changing market conditions. Related ISG International Realty is in charge of all other properties worldwide. They are becoming a leader in residential sales. Top producing agents use their wide-ranging knowledge in every aspect of the field to provide their clients an incomparable and rewarding real estate experience.
Related Group works closely with its co-founder Stephen M. Ross’s The Related Companies, the most esteemed privately owned real estate firm in the United States and a global force, with offices in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C., South Florida, Abu Dhabi, London and it’s headquarters in New York City. Armed with dynamic parcels of land, over 16 M sq. ft. developed, new financial techniques, the strength of all its management teams, $50 B sold and over 100,000 residential units, both condominiums and multi-family apartments, Related Group and its 350+ employees are set to transform cities throughout the United States and globally

Jorge M. Perez

Jorge M. Perez, one of the most trusted and influential names in real estate, is the CEO and co-founder of The Related Group, South Florida’s complex urban development leader for over 40 years. His estimated net worth is $ 1.3 B, and he was #316 in the Forbes 400. Born in Argentina to Cuban immigrants, he lived most of his childhood in Columbia before moving to the United States for university. He graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelors’s in Economics from Long Island University C.W. Post Campus. During his time in school, he traveled to Europe, which made him see living in a new light and changed how he thought of cities, art, and architecture. He wanted to come back home and build better cities with affordable multi-family apartments and homes. When he came back home, he earned his Masters’s Degree from The University of Michigan with the highest honors. From there, he started his illustrious career as an urban planner and development consultant for the city of Miami. When he decided to go on his own, he met Stephen M. Ross, a fellow graduate from the University of Michigan and founder of The Related Companies, a real estate company based out of NYC. The two of them established The Related Group in 1979. The Related Companies still owns a 25% stake in The Related Group. He was the first to transform low-income areas like Little Havana with affordable multi-family apartments and slowly emerging neighborhoods like South of Fifth in South Beach. He changed and shaped the skyline of South Beach forever by developing ten of the eighteen ultra-luxury high-end condominium complexes: Apogee, Continuum North and South Towers, Icon South Beach, Marea, Murano Grande, Murano at Portofino, Portofino Towers, Yacht Club at Portofino, Ocean House, One Ocean. Now he and his company have many projects in various stages worldwide. With his vision and passion for designing best-in-class affordable multi-family homes and multi-million dollar developments that operate in collaboration with their surroundings, he is set to answer the demands and desires of a new generation.