Miele Appliances

Miele Appliances

Miele appliances are found in most of the high-end ultra-luxury condominiums like Continuum, Three Hundred Collins, Apogee and Icon at South Beach. They have been chosen by the developers because of their design and reliability and the name Miele means something in the appliance world.

If you are looking to upgrade your existing kitchen to an ultra-luxury brand, consider Miele. Miele is one of the leaders in craftsmanship and innovation. Since 1899, when this German privately owned and operated company was founded, Miele has prided itself on making quality appliances last. The company has a motto, “Immer Besser,” which translates to Forever Better. Miele strives for this every day. To not only make better quality appliances than its competitors but to continue to push themselves to make even better quality products than they currently produce every day.

All parts for each appliance are made in the Miele factory. This is different from many other manufacturers who outsource some materials to save some cost or not make to their specific standards. Miele, however, does not do this and still makes some of the most reliable appliances in the world. Because of this attention to detail and artistry, their products have A+ scorecards from repair shops worldwide. Not because they are easy to repair but because they really do not need to be repaired. They are built to last a lifetime, so even with a heftier price tag than other companies, you will not need to replace your oven/dishwasher/wine cooler etc… for years and years where you would with other manufacturers’ brands. Better craftsmanship and longevity are two key features of all Miele products.

But Miele is also at the forefront of innovation. With appliances like the Miele Dialog Oven with M Chef Technology, you can cook a fish while it is enclosed in ice. You can use this oven to experiment and produce meals that you cannot and have not been able to make before. Chef Gaggan, one of the best chefs globally, uses this oven to make a king crab dish that is cooked on one half and has ice cream stuffing on the other. With this oven, he can concoct ideas and foods like this that would not have been possible without this oven.

A three temperature-controlled wine cooler is the ultimate have for any wine connoisseur or wine snob. Wooden shelves can be tilted slightly to let the sediment settle before opening or decanting. There is also a sommelier shelf where you can decant and keep your wine at the optimal temperature at all times.

Miele has been and is still famous for its dishwashers, and the new G7000 series has continued its claim as one of the top manufacturers. Features of these amazing appliances are whisper-quiet operation, the best drying ability of any dishwasher in the world, spotless results due to water softening technology and most importantly, a promise of a 20-year lifespan, much more than its competitors.

All of this design innovation, attention to detail, hand-crafted parts and the most reliable appliances in the world make Miele the perfect brand for your new home or your new kitchen. When you buy Miele, you are not just purchasing the best quality appliances. You are buying appliances that will last your lifetime. Owning Miele appliances is definitely worth it!!

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