Gaggenau Appliances

Gaggenau is one of the highest quality luxury kitchen appliances in the world. In South Beach, you see this brand used exclusively at Glass and installed by discerning owners looking to make their residence more appealing.

The Gaggenau company has been around for centuries and has manufactured everything from agricultural machines, bicycles and the luxury stoves and ovens made now. They started to concentrate on the kitchen appliances in 1956 when one of the owner’s sons took over and decided he wanted to produce a line of kitchen appliances with timeless beauty with functionality. He wanted to give consumers restaurant-quality equipment for their residences.

Today Gaggenau is one of the leaders and most sought after in the industry. Their ovens are unique. Designed by Bang & Olufsen, they have modern aesthetics combined with a blue interior enameling that always ensures that the oven is always at the correct temperature. s.They also make a whole line of gas stovetops, induction stovetops and dishwashers. One other place they excel in is their wine storage. It has three climate-controlled spaces with both stainless steel and wooden bottle trays. A charcoal filter eliminates any odors, and UV glass doors protect your collection.

Gaggenau is a premium kitchen company with products that both look amazing in the kitchen but help make cooking easy and accessible. Gaggenau is the brand for any kitchen design. The glass and stainless steel or the distinctive silver or anthracite options look smashing in traditional and modern kitchens.

One last significant mention when discussing the Gaggenau line is its durability. They have impeccable service with a first-year repair rate 15-20% lower than most of its competitors. Only Miele is close to them, with each having a 2.9% repair rate. Gaggenau products are built to last and of superb build quality.

If you are looking for one of the new ovens that cook your food for you, Gaggenau may not be the right fit. But if you are looking for the best quality appliances for your kitchen, you cannot go wrong with their wonderful products.

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