Enrique Norten

Enrique Norten is an award-winning Mexican architect that is known worldwide. He has over 40 years in his field. Mr. Norten graduated with his architecture degree from the prestigious Universidad Iberoamericana in 1978 and a Master in Architecture from the Ivy League School Cornell University in 1980. He founded TEN Arquitectos in Mexico City, his birthplace, in 1986. He has gone on to open offices in New York City and Miami to compete globally and attract a more international audience. The firm has over 80 builds. Some of his works are 321 Ocean, One Ocean, 2000 Ocean, and Park 400 in Miami, The New York Public Library, One York, East River Plaza and Mercedes House in NYC, The Guggenheim Museum Guadalajara, Santander Plaza, Popocatepetl 526 and Metropolitan University of Monterrey, and numerous worldwide projects in countries like the Lucky Tower in Singapore, Museum of Modern Art of Medellín Columbia, Hotel Budapest Hungary and many other projects worldwide. Having a strong sense of community with a strong connection to the site and people is the foundation of every project TEN Arquitectos takes on. They promote sustainability: socially, environmentally, politically, all done responsibly. Mr. Norten and his team have national and international recognition, having won multiple awards throughout the years.